Crows- how smart are they?

If you've ever seen a crow drop a nut onto a street so that a passing car can do the work of cracking it open, you'll know crows are clever... but use tools? Remember faces? Check out this recent episode of the Nature of Things to discover some interesting research on these smart, feathered creatures.

Vancouver Sun Article: Crows recall faces of threatening humans, teach offspring: scientists

The Nature of Things with David Suzuki : CBC-TV A Murder of Crows : The Nature of Things with David Suzuki : CBC-TV

Do you have any stories of your own about the intelligence of crows? Crow about them and send them in!

Family Fishing Weekend June 17th-19th

What is BC’s Family Fishing Weekend? 
BC's Family Fishing Weekend is a celebration of the great sport of fishing and getting outdoors. 2011 is the 12th annual and honours the memory of Bill Otway, Past President of the Family Fishing Society, and longtime champion of fishing, recreational fishing rights, hunting and the outdoors in BC. 
Each event is organized by interested groups in each community with help from the Family Fishing Society of BC. As well as encouraging youngsters to come out and fish the events are an excellent opportunity to share the importance of fish and their fragile habitat. 

Baby Beluga and the American Dipper

Watch as Tiqa, a young Beluga at the Vancouver Aquarium tries to convince an American Dipper to 'play'. Did you know that the American Dipper is North America's only truly aquatic songbird? For more on the American Dipper click here. For Belugas click here.